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Training & Free Advice
All my customers and anyone with questions about any of my services are free to ring for help and advice at any time. I know that many of my customers run holiday businesses and want their customers to have access to all their “wet leisure facilities” at all times, so whenever there is a breakdown or water quality problem I will try to solve the problem over the phone immediately. Often I get questions about how to manage water quality or test water and often I can help over the phone or by email. Also there is now an increasing amount of information on the website that can help overcome some of the more common problems.
Pool, Hot Tub & Spa Maintenance
New pumps or just new pump seals. Changing sand in filters is something that often gets overlooked better still the sand should be replaced with AFM glass filter media. From our wide range of hot tub spares, filters and jets we are able to get your hot tub or spa back into service rapidly. We can clean and service your spa and test the chemicals. A useful upgrade to many hot-tubs is an Ozonator that produces ozone O3 and neutralises organic matter to sterilise the water. We aim to respond rapidly to any breakdown.
Pool, Hot Tub & Spa Construction
The most economical type of pool build is block and liner. This system also produces a fantastic looking pool that won’t leak if the concrete cracks and won’t ever have missing tiles or black grout lines. However we are able to produce a pool using a variety of techniques. We offer portable hot tubs from Spa France. We also offer commercial and in-ground spas to your specification.